Our 2,000 Follower Celebrations Bundle is Here!

Hey, readers! If you’re one of our 2,000 followers on Twitter, you may have seen us tweeting about a surprise lately. Well, we’re here to finally release it into the world!

We’re beyond excited to be growing in the Twitter writing community and connecting with all of you, whether that be through word sprints, comments on the blog, or a few simple tweets. As a result, we decided to put together a downloadable bundle of resources to celebrate hitting 2,000 followers!

The bundle features 3 of our resources from past blogs, plus a new bonus resource we put together exclusively for this download. We hope you enjoy it and find these tools helpful!

You can also find a link to our new newsletter at the end. We’re planning on some exciting stuff in the near future, and this newsletter is the best way to keep up-to-date on all the latest Sprint Shack news. Stay tuned for more bundles like this in the future*, plus more exclusive content!

And finally: thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of The Sprint Shack’s growth!

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*Note: Need to find this bundle or another in the future, without scrolling through our posts? We’ll be adding them to our Writing & Sprinting Resources page as they’re released for your convenience!

Self-Publishing Checklist: 12 Steps to Success


You’ve put in the hours. You’ve bled and cried. You’ve driven yourself crazy trying to iron out that nasty plot hole. And now you’ve done it – you’ve finished your manuscript! Huzzah! Congratulations!

But now what? If you want to get your work out there and are considering self-publishing, you’ll want to make sure you cover the basics before attempting to put your words out there for the world to read.

I published my first ebook back in April 2014 – nearly a year ago. And now, with four more books slated for release this year, I’ve put together a checklist to help myself stay on track and would like to share them with you to aid you in your own self-publishing adventure!

Note: This is meant to be a very basic checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. But not to fear! I’ll be posting more about these checkpoints in detail over the next few months.

Self-Publishing Checklist: 12 Steps to Success

  • Beta-Readers, Editors, Proofreaders
    • Have you had a second (or third or fourth) set of eyes look at your manuscript?
  • Revisions
    • Have you edited, revised, and polished your work?
  • Launch Date
    • Have you selected/announced a launch date?
  • Cover
    • Do you have a professional-looking cover for your manuscript? Is it eye-catching? Does it look good as a thumbnail (this is how it will show up on most websites!)? Have you done a cover-reveal?
  • Print vs. eBook
    • Are you producing this book as an eBook? Are you doing Print on Demand (PoD)? Find the vendors/sites you want to sell through and adhere to their guidelines (formatting, marketing, ISBNs, etc.).
  • Formatting
    • Has your book (whether print or eBook) been formatted to the appropriate formats for your vendors (or wherever you’re selling?).
  • Uploading
    • Give yourself a couple extra days to upload your book with to your vendors’ sites so that you don’t miss your release date.
  • Price
    • Have you selected an appropriate/competitive price for your book?
  • Blurb/Product Description
    • Have you written a stellar (and accurate) blurb to put on the back of your book or on your book’s page?
  • Selecting Key Terms
    • Have you selected succinct categories and key-terms for your book on your vendors’ websites?
  • Marketing Platforms
    • Where are you marketing your book? Follow any guidelines for those platforms.
  • Review Copies
    • Have you sent complimentary copies of your book to any reviewers you have lined up?

I hope this checklist helps you get a good handle on your self-publishing journey. Keep an eye out for more posts on self-publishing in the coming months!


Have any steps that you find crucial to the self-publishing process? Have something you think should be added to the checklist? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!