Writing & Sprinting Resources

Downloadable Bundles

We’re doing something a little new on The Sprint Shack: downloadable bundles! Here are the ones we’ve released thus far–stay tuned for more of these in the near future!

The Sprint Shack's 2,000 Followers Celebrations Bundle

Hashtags for Word Sprinters
—Announce your own word sprint or seek out ongoing ones with this hashtag.
—Alternate name for a #wordsprint. Reach further sprinters using this hashtag.
—Alternate name for a #wordsprint.
—Find daily word sprints and connect with fellow sprinters.
—Find word sprints held under this hashtag and tweet your word counts after a fruitful sprinting session.
—Tweet your word counts after sprinting for a certain amount of time and connect with other writers.
—Announce your participation in the #1k1hr challenge: to write 1000 words in 1 hour.
—A word sprint, usually lasting 30 minutes, where the sprinter who writes the most is declared the winner.
—Word sprints start on the hour, every hour, and last for 30 minutes, followed by a 30 minute break.
—Use this hashtag for sprints during NaNoWriMo and meet other WriMos through it.
—Used by some word sprint hosts to keep track of who is currently participating.

—The hashtag used by @WattpadSprints to host word sprints.

Hashtags for Writing Challenges
—Use this to report your progress in the Write Chain Challenge.
—Let others know your progress in the Write Fit Challenge with this hashtag.
—Tweet about your NaNoWriMo progress and connect with other WriMos as you strive for 50,000 words in November.
—Tweet all things writing-related with the hashtag for the summer edition of NaNoWriMo.
—A 15 minute free-writing challenge, with prompts provided.

Hashtags for Writing Ideas
—Use this hashtag if your scene needs a spark adding to it. Find writing dares and issue your own.
—Find inspiration through writing prompts and contribute your own.

Hashtags for Writing
—Talk about what you’re writing, announce your writing intentions and connect with other writers.
—Discuss your editing trials and tribulations, tweet your successes and lessons, and find fellow revisers using this hashtag.

Websites for Word Sprinters
The Write Chain Challenge
—Set yourself a daily goal, such as a word or page count, achieve your target, earn links and forge a write chain.
—Write at least 750 words on this site daily, form a streak and earn points.
Write or Die
—Use this web app to shut out distractions while writing and shut up that nagging inner editor.

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