Guest Posting

Want to write a guest post for The Sprint Shack? Let us know! We’re looking for established writers and bloggers to contribute on a variety of writing-oriented topics including (but not limited to) inspiration, motivation, discipline, technique, general writing advice… and, of course, word sprinting!

Please send all inquiries to with the following:

  • Your full name and a short (one paragraph) bio
  • A headshot/author picture
  • Links to your Twitter, website, and any other relevant profiles
  • A writing sample on any writing-related topic (note: if we’ve personally reached out to you for a post, this part’s not necessary–we already know your style and would love to have you contribute!)

To make sure all our posts are an engaging length, we generally request that all guest posts be written with a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1000 words.

Need some inspiration? To see what other guest posters have written about, click here! Also be sure to check out our Twitter list, which provides an up-to-date feed of what all our Guest Posters are talking about.

Prior Guest Posters

Amy Good
Anna Cylkowski
August Evrard
Beau Barnett
Bridgid Gallagher (YA Buccaneers)
Cait Reynolds
Charlotte Ashlock (Rewriting Mary Sue)
Erin O’Brien
Grace Black (Three Line Thursday)
Karen Faris (Rewriting Mary Sue)
Mazie Bishop
Megan Whitmer (#WriteClub)
Meredith Foster
Nicky Stephens
Sara Letourneau
Script Chix
Story Bandit
Virtual Writers
Yvonne Spence (1000 Voices Speak)

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