Who We Are

Curious about the people behind The Sprint Shack? Then allow us to introduce ourselves.

Who are Team Sprint Shack? In short, we’re a group of writers, Twitter fanatics, and avid word sprinters looking to provide a rest stop for all you sprinting fiends. Sprint Shack is your home for everything related to word sprinting: information on upcoming sprints, motivational posts to keep you writing, countless resources to keep those muscles strong, and even extra goodies such as guest posts! For more information, check out our FAQs page or contact us at thesprintshack@gmail.com.

Introducing the Co-Founders…

Cristina R. Guarino of the Sprint Shack, home of the word sprint. | www.sprintshack.wordpress.com

Cristina R. Guarino

I’m a writer of many capacities—copy editor, blogger, journalist, novelist. Like many of us, I hope to someday see my books on shelves (most likely in a painful attempt at something of George R. R Martin’s caliber. Hey, imitation and flattery and all that).

I currently write for the e-magazine Paper Droids and my full-time employer’s blog, and am an occasional contributor to a local newspaper and Inked Magazine. My work-in-progress Fantasy novel, Fleeting, is currently the source of much frustration and many tweets. I participate in sprints in my off-time to put a dent in it.

Oh, and I’m also a co-founder of a pretty awesome word sprint blog. ;)

Taylor Eaton of the Sprint Shack, home of the word sprint. | www.sprintshack.wordpress.com

Taylor Eaton

As a writer and a linguist, I am constantly fascinated by language. I enjoy all kinds of writing – particularly anything that allows me to be creative. I write flash fiction across many genres and styles, and am also working on a novel (amongst various other projects). My flash fiction and publication credits can be found on my website, Little Write Lies. I can often be found tweeting about writing and wine, as well as hosting word sprints, on my twitter account.

Since becoming involved in the word sprinting community, I’ve found that my word counts have skyrocketed and my writing has evolved. I love connecting with other writers via the sprinting community and am thrilled to be a co-founder of The Sprint Shack.

Skye Fairwin of the Sprint Shack, home of the word sprint. | www.sprintshack.wordpress.com

Faye Kirwin

I discovered the first of my imagination’s fanciful worlds seven years ago and I’ve been charting the lands and chronicling the lives of their inhabitants ever since. My love of digging through characters’ heads led to a love of psychology, so studying it at university was a natural choice. Now I blog about all things psychological and how we can make use of them in our writing.

When I’m not lost within my daydreams, I tweet about my steampunk work-in-progress, Her Clockwork Heart, arrange writing sprints, and host the Write Chain Challenge. For me, nothing beats connecting with other writers, letting my muse off its leash and chasing down those words. Being a co-founder of Sprint Shack means that I can do all that and help others to as well. How amazing is that?

…and our lovely Contributor!


Mazie Bishop

I am a recent graduate from a Journalism Print program in the Niagara region of Canada. I feel like the world is at my fingertips and that I have so many different roads that I could go down as a writer, but right now I am making a stop in the land of freelance. I am in the midst of creating a stronger social profile that better embodies my future goals as a writer; you can read about my life, adventures and writing progress on my website and find me sprinting or being sassy on twitter.

If I had to describe what kind of writer I am, I’d probably say I’m something along the lines of a sometimes dainty but most of the time awkward, silly, and sarcastic columnist, and a half-poet/half fiction writer hybrid. I am so thrilled to be the newest addition to Sprint Shack and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things we can do!

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