Top Tools for an Easily Distracted Writer

Are you an easily distracted writer?

Chances are, if you’re reading this instead of writing, the answer is a ‘yes’. That’s okay; I’m easily distracted too. That’s why I’ve collected a range of resources and tools over the years to help me shut out those distractions and boost my concentration. Today I want to share those tools with you, dear writer. Let’s get focused and wordy, starting with…

Tools to Enhance Concentration


Focus@Will is a music player service with tracks specifically designed to enhance focus. Developed in partnership with neuroscientists, the tracks on focus@will can enhance your concentration by up to 400% when writing. How awesome is that? (You can find out more about the science behind focus@will here.)


Have you ever tried meditating before? It’s a powerful way to focus your mind, very useful for an easily distracted writer. Give a five minute meditation a try before your next writing session and use the Calm app to guide you. With its guided and timer-only meditations, it’s perfect for beginners and pros alike.

Tools to Block Distractions

Enhancing your focus is one thing, but if pesky distractions draw your attention away from writing, then it’s all for nothing. Kick those distractions to the curb with the following tools.

Web Blockers

Don’t let the call of the internet tempt you away from writing—block it out altogether with the power of the web blocker. This handy tool comes in all shapes and sizes. There are extensions, apps and programmes galore that can block the internet or particular websites, permanently or only after a certain amount of time spent on them. Perfect if you go on Facebook for a quick status update before a writing session and close it three hours later without a word written.

Here are my pick of internet/website blockers, which I recommend to all the members of my daily writing challenge:

Timed Writing Sessions

As soon as you introduce a time limit to something, there’s less room for procrastination. Give yourself a strict time limit—say, 15 minutes—and it’ll block out distractions like no one’s business. That’s the guiding principle behind the word sprint, the Sprint Shack’s favourite method for boosting productivity, motivation and focus.

How can you use time limits in a way that shuts out distractions? Here are the tools for the job:

Feeling more focused yet? If not, give these tools a try and see what works for you. Experiment until you find the perfect combination of concentration boosters and distraction busters—a combination that will make your writing sessions that much more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Good luck.


What tools do you use to keep you on track during a writing session?

9 thoughts on “Top Tools for an Easily Distracted Writer

  1. I’m excited to try that Focus@Will music player! And you’re right, Pomodoro has saved my writing many times!
    Also, in Scrivener, there is a Full Screen mode that I can adjust, and I find that works very well for me.

    • I love, love, love Scrivener’s full screen mode! Such a lifesaver. I really like Write or Die’s full screen mode too–you can’t quit it until the writing session ends, which is very handy for this distracted writer :D

  2. These are all awesome! And although I haven’t tried it yet, I found something similar to Write or Die’s full-screen mode, called ForceDraft. It basically locks up your computer and remains full-screened until you hit your pre-set word or time limit goal. I want to try it!

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