Co-Founder Confession: Why Do I Write? – Faye Kirwin

A while back, coWhy Do I Write? Faye Kirwin reveals the reasons she puts pen to paper every single day. | Faye Kirwin asked a good question: Why do you write?  After seeing your awesome answers, we only thought it fair that we answer that same, very personal, question. Each month one of us from the Sprint Shack team will answer that burning question: Why do I write? The previous answers came from Taylor Eaton and Cristina R. Guarino. Now Faye is chiming in.

Why do I write?

It’s a simple question—but do you ever spare the answer much more thought than a simple ‘because I like it’? Your reasons for writing are very powerful motivators. Get to the heart of why you write and it can push you forward on the days you feel you can’t write a single word.

So, why do I write?

To Escape Reality

Because we all know reality can be a rather dull or troubling place. Just as we read to escape our lives and live someone else’s, I write for the same reason. There’s one thing writing allows me to do that reading doesn’t, however: control the lives of the characters. When control is missing from my life, I can gain a sense of it through writing. (Plus, it’s fun to put my characters through the wringer. Yeah, I’m mean like that.)

To Help Me Understand

What better way to see someone else’s side of the story than to write from their perspective? If someone’s actions have upset me, I can incorporate an element of it into a story (translation: beware people who know me—you may end up in my next novel). It helps me to think through the motivations and reasons behind their actions and tease out my own feelings on the matter. Having my characters go on to resolve the situation can also give me an idea as to how to do the same thing in real life. (Though not always. Sadly, I don’t have magical candle powers or spirit-powered automata in real life.)

To Express Who I Am

I’m free to write about what interests me, the things that really mean something to me and issues that I care deeply about. Most of what I write will never be seen by anyone else as well, which means I can freely express my thoughts and feelings on a matter and get them off my chest. It’s amazing how much clarity writing about a situation can bring.

To Craft Unique Characters

What makes people tick has always fascinated me, which makes character creation one of my absolute favourite parts of writing. As readers of my blog, Writerology, will know, I’m all about applying the knowledge gleaned from my Psychology degree to storytelling. My mission is to make my characters as life-like, interesting and in-depth as possible and I love doing that.

To Have Fun

Like, so much fun. The thrill of writing an action-packed scene, the buzz that comes from a ground-breaking plot realisation, the satisfaction that follows a really productive writing session—all of it works together with the previous points to make writing something that makes my heart do a little dance. Honestly, keeping my Write Chain writing streak going is no problem, because I look forward to writing every night. I love the words.


So that’s why I write, but what about you? Why do you write?

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