Q&A: Lisa Witherspoon and the One Word Blog Challenge

It was only a few days until the New Year when I was scouring the web looking for writing challenges to keep me on track with my goal of writing 500 words a day. I know I am not the only writer who does this; we all look for things to keep us going in case we hit a dry spell, such as challenges to add to our tool belt and lists of prompts or ideas to keep us writing. I was looking for something different this year though, a challenge with a community, a challenge with creative lenience. Well, friends, I think I’ve found it: The One Word Blog Challenge!

This challenge, hosted by Lisa Witherspoon on her blog The Golden Spoons, began the first week of January and runs through to the week of February 20th. Every Friday, participants will receive 3 one-word prompts in their email, and the goal is to write a post using at least one of the prompts. On the Wednesday after each challenge, there will be a blog post “link up” in which other participants will be able to see your posts and share theirs as well. Writers are also encouraged to use #1Word on Twitter when linking their posts that way.

My favourite part about this challenge is that each prompt is up for interpretation, and you can make the posts fit your blog/writing style. So I contacted Lisa, because I was so excited to participate in this challenge, and she was kind enough to answer some questions about it:

Headshot2-#350Q: How do you think the One Word Challenge is going to help writers?

A: I know a lot of bloggers and writers struggle with writer’s block from time to time. Always trying to come up with fresh new ideas can be hard, especially in the blogging world, where there are so many people writing about a lot of the same things. My hope is that the One Word Challenge will help writers realize that inspiration can come from something as small as a single word.

After completing the challenge, participants will receive a list of 100 single word prompts they can use in the future as well.

Q: Why did you decide to organize this amazing challenge? How much planning has gone into it?

A: The idea came to me about six months ago. It is a combination of several other blog linkups I have seen and/or participated in. I emailed a trusted group of blogging friends to get their thoughts on the idea. Taking their feedback into consideration, I streamlined it just a bit. Then, I had to decide how I would publicize it and get people to join. In addition to coming up with the prompts, I have also set up an email subscription and a Facebook group, and spent time planning which words will be prompts during each of the eight weeks of the challenge.

Q: What should participants expect from the One Word Challenge?

A: Participants should expect to practice their writing and improve their skills. They should also expect to read some incredible writing from others who are participating. I hope that, as participants, we will all meet some new blogging friends and find some new blogs to follow—to build a little community of sorts. If it is a success, I might consider hosting the challenge again later in the year and/or making it a regular thing each new year.

If you’re looking to join the One Word Challenge, it’s not too late to sign up! The first prompts were received and linked up on Wednesday, but each week is a new opportunity. Lisa says that all are welcome, so sign up today to challenge yourself, meet other writers, and start 2015 off with some awesome prompted writing!

MazMazie-Bishopie Bishop is a fiery 22 year-old writer and journalism student from Canada. She is self-published and also has several poems and short fiction pieces published in various anthologies and magazines. She is a big dreamer who hopes to be writing with the big guys some day and cannot wait for her career to start! Currently, she is in the process of writing her second novel, and is in the outlining stages of a quarter-life memoir. You can read about her little crafty adventures, read her work, and gander at her photos on www.theselittlepieces.com.

One thought on “Q&A: Lisa Witherspoon and the One Word Blog Challenge

  1. Totally enjoying Lisa’s One Word Challenge myself and was so happy when Lisa had mentioned to me that she was thinking of doing this, because as she says sometimes writer’s block can indeed hit even the best of us and this is truly a great way to help if and when that does happen or even just a fun way to approach a one word prompt ;)

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