My Muse Hijacked My 2015 Resolutions!

How do I know I’m a writer? Because all of my New Year’s resolutions that were seemingly unrelated to writing, turned out to actually be all about writing. Only today did I realize that the goals I set for myself outside my writing, were really set by my sneaky, subconscious muse. Everything I do and aspire for seems to feed right back into my writing. Which is a good thing, I suppose. After all, when something is your passion, it should become the center-point of your life (at least I think so).

Here are my resolutions, with a quick explanation of how writing is the motivator behind all these goals. Watch out 2015, looks like this year is my writing year!

1. Exercise more regularly
On the surface, this is your standard resolution to exercise and get ready for swimsuit season. But after a couple early-year sessions at the gym, I’m already realizing the driving factor behind those 2 hour yoga classes and 5 mile jogs: I get a buzz of inspiration after working out.

Upon getting ready to go to the gym yesterday, I caught myself thinking: “Oh, I hope I come up with a good idea for that plot twist while on the treadmill today.” And a couple days before that, I got in my car after yoga and started manically scribbling the idea for a micro-fiction piece that had popped into my head during a downward facing dog.

It’s no surprise that exercise is good for you for many reasons, but it’s clear that I’m not rushing to the gym after work in order to get that flat tummy or those toned arms. It’s to get that hit of creativity and endorphins that spurs on my writing.

2. Meditate daily

When someone asks me why I have resolved to meditate daily, I respond with something like: “I want more clarity. I want to live in the moment and enjoy what’s happening in the present. I want to go about my day with a sense of calm.”

But really, what I love about my daily meditations is the clarity and focus it gives me in my writing. After a meditation session, I’m left with a clear head and can easily tease out the problems in my writing that were giving me such a headache only minutes before. And the more I meditate, the more I see myself building up a better discipline in writing each day.

I am living more presently and more contentedly as a result of my meditation, but what keeps me returning to it every day? The help it gives my writing.

3. Journaling

This one isn’t a long stretch. But when I set my resolution to journal more frequently, I thought I was doing it to help put my thoughts and frustrations down so that I could sort them out more thoroughly. But what it’s turned into has been more of a place to rant about my writings and to brainstorm new ideas.

And it’s no surprise that after a short session of journaling about my day, I’m eager to keep writing and churning out a couple more fiction pieces.

The more I observe my every day actions, the more I see a pattern: nearly everything I do serves my writing in some way. But whether I do these things in order to get that boost to my writing, or if the creativity I get is just a perk, I’m not sure. Either way, I’m writing and happy.


Has your muse hijacked your subconscious and your resolutions? Let me know what your goals are for this year, or any stories about the domineering desire to write.

2 thoughts on “My Muse Hijacked My 2015 Resolutions!

  1. Aah, Taylor, I love this! I 100% agree that exercising is a HUGE help to writing. I know I, personally, feel my brain cluttering the more I’m sedentary.

    The author Brandon Sanderson, one of the podcasters on Writing Excuses, actually built his own tread-desk out of a standing desk and a treadmill when he became a full-time writer. It was mostly for health reasons, but I feel like moving and being physically active is so helpful in clearing your mind for all those great ideas to flow through.

    Awesome post! You’re an inspiration! :)

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