The Ridiculous Writing Cleanse

When was the last time you wrote something absolutely silly? What was the last story or article that you wrote which, from the get-go, you knew was so ridiculous you couldn’t image posting/publishing (let alone finishing) it?

For me, that was yesterday. I wrote a flash fiction piece so unbelievably NOT ME, that I couldn’t believe I was spending time on it. It was so far from my typical flowery-prose-poetry-literary style of writing, that I felt uncomfortable writing it.

But that’s just the point of this post: it’s important to occasionally write something that is foreign to you. Something outside your comfort zone. Something that challenges you. Something silly.

I starting writing silly pieces of fiction and goofy articles a while back – things meant to break writers block and that were for my eyes only. And having seen the positives that come along with letting go and writing something ridiculous, I now make it a point to write something silly at least once a month.

So I challenge you to do a Ridiculous Writing Cleanse. Writing something silly (or something outside your typical genre, style, etc.) is hugely beneficial. Whether you intend to publish or burn your silly writings, there are tons of reasons to do a Ridiculous Writing Cleanse.

The perks of The Ridiculous Writing Cleanse:
– Gets your creativity going
– Allows you to let go of perfection and have fun with your writing
– Busts through writers block
– Clears out the ridiculous ideas you have bouncing around your head and distracting you from your other writing projects
– Challenges you to write something different and makes you a stronger writer
– May even turn into a useable piece of writing

So if you’re in a writing rut or want to give yourself a challenge, give writing something silly a shot! It’s weird and a little counterintuitive (why write something you know you’re likely going to end up throwing away). But it’s fun and it reminds you to shut off your inner-editor and just write. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!


What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever written? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “The Ridiculous Writing Cleanse

  1. I got laughed at for doing this once, but it really is helpful. Sometimes, you just need to recharge the creative batteries. Great post.

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