Happy Birthday to Us! The Sprint Shack is One Year Old!

ss bdayYep, you’ve read that right. Crazy, isn’t it?

Twelve whole months have passed since The Sprint Shack was born, and we’d like to thank our readers and fellow word sprinters for coming along on this crazy run with us. We’ve lapped the track several times over, slipped and fallen, and picked ourselves up for yet another round each time. We don’t plan on stopping any time soon and we can’t wait to see what the next twelve months hold.

And–surprise, surprise–we’re sprinting all day to celebrate it! Follow us on Twitter to join in on the word sprinting action throughout the day. We’d love to write with you!

First, we each have a few words about creating The Sprint Shack and what that’s been like for us and our writing.

Cristina R. Guarino

Starting The Sprint Shack alongside Faye and Taylor has done wonders for my writing. I couldn’t be happier that theCristina Guarinoy agreed to join me in this endeavor–I couldn’t have done it without them! They’re both fantastic, brilliant, motivated writers, and I’m learning a lot from and am inspired by them daily.

Not only has starting The Sprint Shack connected me with amazing and talented wordsmiths, it’s given me a type of liability to ensure I stay on top of my craft: how can I dispense advice about writing if I don’t stick with the number one rule, which is to write every day? So to ensure I stayed on top of my work, I recently started a Write Chain (Faye’s ingenious idea!) and am approaching a month straight of writing one page of fiction and/or one blog post per day. As of today, my WriteChain link is at 28. That’s probably the most days I’ve ever written in a row, including during NaNoWriMo—I always take a day or two break during that challenge.

And to know that it’s been a year and NaNoWriMo is approaching AGAIN–I can’t believe it’s already been an entire 12 months since we’ve gone live, and more than a year since I got involved in this wonderful Twitter-centric writing community! I still have a long way to go with my writing, but for the first time since I picked up a pen, I feel I’m getting close to fully understanding what it is to be a writer and what I want out of it. I have lots of goals I’m working toward thanks to my decision to delve into this community and start up The Sprint Shack, and while many of them are taking longer than I hoped or anticipated, I’m definitely enjoying the process.

Happy birthday to us, and a big, warm thank-you to all who have been around from day one!

Taylor Eaton

Has it really been one year since The Sprint Shack was born? Somehow it feels like it’s been longer. A lot longer.

ITaylor Eatonn the last year I’ve published my book, The Suicide of the Moon, and added an extra story per week to my site. I created a write chain so long that it could circle the world (365 days!). Not to mention, I’ve begun to learn the finer points of writing non-fiction posts for The Sprint Shack – something I’d not done much of before.

I’ve also seen myself go from writing over 2,000 words a day to writing less than 50 on some days. I’ve learned the challenges that come from trying to find a balance of pursuing a traditional career, maintaining relationships (with friends, family, significant others, and myself), and writing.

I can’t say I’m where I thought I might be one year out from the start of The Sprint Shack. I thought – for one – that I’d have written more than one book. But at the same time, I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished in my writing. And I feel like I’m ready for bigger things – literally. I’m ready to take a stab at writing a more traditional length novel (though I’ll still continue with my flash fiction – I can’t quit that). And I’m so excited to see where my writing goes.

I can say, without any doubt, that my writing wouldn’t be at the point it is without the constant support that The Sprint Shack readers and word sprints have offered me. And not to mention the amazing co-founders I’ve had the honor of writing alongside.

Happy first birthday, Sprint Shack! Can’t wait to see where we’re at for our second!

Faye Kirwin

The past 12 months have brought a lot of change for me. I delved deeper into the blogging world, here at The Sprint Shack and at my personal blog, Writerology.net. I’ve met so many amazing people, both online and off. I graduated from university. I’ve just started a business and launched my first e-course, the Writember Workshop. And that’s just the non-fiction side of my life!

Happy birthday to us! The Sprint Shack is one year old! Here's what the founders have to say...My fiction and writing style have also undergone a metamorphosis. Since November 29th 2013, I’ve written every day as part of the Write Chain Challenge, which has let me make progress on my larger projects as well as try my hand at some flash fiction. I love that writing is now an integral part of my day, so much so that it feels strange to even think about not writing.

My expectations of myself and my mindset towards my goals have definitely changed. I know now that if I truly want to do something, I can make it happen. Even if I falter and fail at first, if I don’t give up and keep at it, I know I can do it. That’s made so much of a difference to my life.

How has word sprinting made a difference in your writing? Have you been a Sprint Shack reader from day one? Let us know–we’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to sprint with us throughout the day on Twitter!

Thank you again, lovely readers, and here’s to yet another year!
-The Sprint Shack Team

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us! The Sprint Shack is One Year Old!

  1. Talk about a timely post! I just finished an email to my best friend, discussing several of the points raised in your post – finding a balance between writing and life, blogging, how our perspective has changed in the year we’ve been blogging.

    Taylor, I really enjoy reading your thoughts – as well as the fine fiction you’ve been putting out on your blog.

    As for the Sprint Shack, it’s one of the best places for writers in the blogosphere to visit! Happy Birthday, Sprint Shack. :)

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