What Fuels Your Writing? (Part 2)

Remember when I posted about what I use to fuel my writing? No? I don’t blame you, that was over a month ago. Yikes! Where does the time go? Anyway, take a look here.

I wanted to follow up with some of the responses we received in response to that post (and to my incessant tweets).


Of course, most people said they needed their music, snacks, and a chunk of time devoted to writing.

bookish miss



And some could only listen to music at certain times.



Katherine Marie even wrote her own blog post as a response to our question.

My favorite response came from mariecreativity in the comments section of the original post.


I’d never heard of anyone finding inspiration via organizing things! But after reading her comment, I gave it a shot. And I have to say that there’s something oddly calming about organizing items on my desk – it slows my thoughts down and allows some inspiration to leak through. Who would have thought?!

And, lastly, Faye gave me a wonderful reminder of something that fuels my writing, but that I somehow forgot to include in the last post: word sprints!


Thanks for all your wonderful responses everyone! It’s great to hear what keeps you all writing – and to try some of it out, myself.

So, what fuels your writing? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “What Fuels Your Writing? (Part 2)

  1. When I’m brainstorming or thinking out a story, I like to either go for a walk or (more commonly) sit down with some yarn in my fingers. I like to say I spin yarns while spinning yarns because it’s not uncommon for me to be, well, spinning at my wheel or knitting with a notebook next to me and appropriately themed music playing, occasionally pausing to write down some thoughts. Sometimes I’ll also do a coffeeshop or brunch place, especially when my own spaces are feeling too distracting for one reason or another.

    For sheer wordcount, a hot beverage (usually tea), and music are good, but not 100% necessary. A sense of solitude is vital. I can’t focus if I feel there are people watching me (whether or not they actually are). So a closed-door room, or a public place like a coffee shop or library where people are doing their own thing is fine, but just hanging out with friends who are not engaged in something themselves is not so much. I’m currently training my new boyfriend to politely ignore me when I’m writing, as his house is set up like a studio (all “rooms” are open to one another) and the only place I could go for true privacy with a door is the bathroom. Which I haven’t been desperate enough for yet, but give it time….

    And, of course, writing sprints! Camaraderie and a short focused time frame definitely get the words flowing.

    • That’s so interesting! Have you ever read The Mists of Avalon? There’s a whole theme throughout that novel with spinning: when the main character, Morgaine, spins yarn, it keeps her hands busy with a routine task which allows her mind to open up to visions and spiritual influence. It sounds just like your process, only yours is with creative influence! ;)

      • I’ve not read Mists of Avalon, but it doesn’t surprise me–it’s a very meditative task. I’ve always needed some kind of hands-busy task for when I’m working out thoughts in my head. At one point it was sketching, at another beading… and hey, at the end I have nice woolly socks. ^_^

  2. I’d say the #1 thing that fuels my writing is watching other succeed at writing! And by succeed, I don’t mean hitting the New York Times bestsellers list–I mean just sitting down, writing, and sharing their progress on their blogs or Twitter. Writing as a passion stemmed from admiration for me–I admired my mom as a kid for reading so much, so I took up reading… then admired the writers for writing so well, so I took up writing… and here I am today! So whether it’s a conditioned response or if the writing vibe is just contagious, I’m not sure, but seeing all our fellow writers working at their craft gets my fingers itching for the keyboard/pen.

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