Sprint Watch! YA Buccaneers

Calling all word sprinters! YA Buccaneers, a creative swashbuckling group of writer and word sprinters, is hosting a word sprint marathon beginning tomorrow morning!

When: Tuesday (9/16) and Thursday (9/18), 9am EDT/7am PDT/14:00 BST

Where: The YA Buccaneers twitter account and the #YABWordSprint hashtag

How: Follow the YA Buccaneers on Twitter and comment on their announcement post to let them know you’ll be taking part! Then log onto Twitter at the correct time and join in the fun with #YABWordSprint so other sprinters can find and encourage/compete with you.

Then, join the Sprint Shack exactly 12 hours later both Tuesday and Thursday for our weekly #TNightSprints to top off your writing and give your word counts an extra boost.

We hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Sprint Watch! YA Buccaneers

  1. Awwwhhhh, thanks for the shout out!!! The Buccaneers will be hosting WS’s September – November to celebrate our Fall Writing Bootcamp and prep for NaNoWriMo — hope to see you guys around (and I hope to join you on several sprints to get through my upcoming edits!).

    • No worries, Erin! We’ve actually contacted you guys about potentially doing a guest post with us regarding your boot camp. We’d love to learn more about it and impart that info to our readers, so please let us know if you’re interested! :D

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