What Fuels Your Writing?

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I have a couple “writing crutches” – things that make it easier to get into the writing mood and transform those mediocre words in my head into flowing, magical prose on paper.

Writers are notorious for having their crutches (or vices). More often than not, writers are creatures of habit. Our chair has be adjusted at a certain height, the wine has to be red, and the phone must be unplugged. Whatever your criteria may be, creating the atmosphere for writing is a science. Or, perhaps a kind of magic, where everything comes together just so and coaxes the words onto the paper (or computer screen).

Some writers like Faulker require nothing more than a glass of good whiskey. Yet other, more eccentric wordsmiths, have needed private hotel rooms in order to write their masterpieces (Angelou) or have found that they can only write in the nude (Hugo) to get their writing done.

I’ve got some of my favorite requirements for writing here for your perusal (and judgement). While much of what I list here is optional, I’d much rather write with these things than without…

For Inspiration: Pinterest, random words from dictionaries, art
For Focus: Music (instrumental)
For Motivation: Snacks, coffee, tea, wine

So there you have it. Those are the key ingredients to get me in the writing zone.

But we’re all different! So what about you? Tell me what fuels your writing. What are your requirements/crutches/vices that keep you writing? I’ll be pulling some of your answers for my next post!

12 thoughts on “What Fuels Your Writing?

    • I second that. I need solitude and quiet…but the quiet must be filled with music.

      My thoughts start running wild if I don’t have music for them to latch on to.

      Thanks for sharing!

  1. I love a cup of tea when I sit down to write (though when I get into the scene, it often gets forgotten. Heartbreaking!). I find it hard to write in silence so music, especially music appropriate for the mood of the scene I’m writing, is a must as well. Oh, and Twitter. All hail the word sprint! :D

  2. For Inspiration: Pinterest! photographs, epic (as in story) music, and organizing things (weird, but true)
    For Focus: Making outlines if I get stuck keeps me focused, and soundtrack music. And a timer, even for editing!
    For Motivation: Chocolate, ice cream, hot cocoa (in winter, lemonade in summer), watching movies when I reach my goal…

    Love this post!

    • Oooh! Organizing things brings you inspiration? That’s a new one! Very interesting…I wonder if it helps quiet the brain and lets the ideas flow. Whatever it is, keep doing it if it works for you!! Thanks for sharing with us :)

  3. For inspiration: my set of Inspiration Dice is the only constant. Otherwise it changes depending on what story I’m working on :) Sometimes it’s a picture, a song, or a dream I’ve had recently!
    For focus: coffitivity is my all-time fave way to focus! Better than instrumental music, because I don’t stop to mentally picture the movie scene it’s from ;) In the past I’ve also used websites with white noise and rain sound effects playing. Sometimes I get drastic and boot up Cold Turkey to block distracting websites.
    For motivation: the knowledge that I’ll get to play Sims later if I get stuff done now :)

    I like to have coffee with me sometimes, but unlike Skye, my writing is the one that gets forgotten! I end up spending more time sipping than writing..lol

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