New Book Alert! Taylor Eaton’s “The Suicide of the Moon”!

We have some exciting news! Our own co-founder, Taylor Eaton, has just launched her first collection of micro fiction. Titled “The Suicide of the Moon”, it’s now available as an ebook at Amazon (with Kobo and Nook versions on the way)!

The Suicide of the Moon: A collection of flash fiction stories by Taylor Eaton.

Right now, “The Suicide of the Moon” is available for $0.99 (but in less than a week the price will go up, so grab it now)!

Taylor has been writing flash fiction/micro fiction (super short stories) for a while over at her blog, Little Write Lies, but this is her first book. The twelve stories in “The Suicide of the Moon” are all centered around the moon, portraying it as beautiful and sad at some times, yet capricious and curious at others. The stories range in genre (fantasy, sci-fi, literary) and voice.

Fun fact: Taylor actually wrote the majority of these stories during our word sprints on Twitter!

Still not sold? Some early reviews for “Suicide of the Moon” have called it: “an outstanding work of art” and “simply amazing.” Plus, the stories are short – perfect for reading during a commute to work (or when taking a small break from your Camp NaNoWriMo writings)!

Go get “The Suicide of the Moon” now and start reading! Click here!

And don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Oh, and make sure to sign up for Taylor’s Little Write Lies newsletter if you want some free bonus moon stories!

Cristina’s thoughts:

I love love love this collection. I read it back when Taylor needed a few betas, and now that it’s finally released, I can’t wait to read through the final version! Her hard work through all of this is really apparent in her tight prose and beautifully crafted stories. Whether you need a collection of stories to read sporadically in your free time or a quick read to devour in one sitting, “The Suicide of the Moon” is entertaining, thought-provoking, and just downright awesome.

Faye’s thoughts:

Taylor’s outdone herself with “The Suicide of the Moon.” Lyrical, thought-provoking, engaging and evocative, it’s a beautifully written collection of stories, one I’m honoured to have beta-ed for. I think it’s the mark of a great writer to be able to evoke so much emotion in the reader in so few words, and Taylor does it with such grace and ease.

Even though all the stories in the collection are about the moon, each one is unique and differs from the others in tone, genre, narrative mode and subject. You never know what you’ll find when you move onto the next story. It’s that sense of mystery and the poignant emotions inspired by each piece that stay with the reader long after each story has ended. And it’s that feeling that’ll keep this reader coming back for more every time!


Tell us what you think of “The Suicide of the Moon” in the comments below and get your own copy here!


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