Sprint Watch: Camp NaNo – April 1st Kick-Off Sprints!

Ah, spring time. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and thousands of people are getting ready to embark on the maddening quest to write a LOT of words come April. That’s right, Camp NaNoWriMo is swiftly approaching and we here at the Sprint Shack are gearing up for all the fun that’s in store next month. We’re picking which projects we’ll be working on, figuring out our word count goals, and looking forward to cabin assignments.

And, of course, we’ll be doing what we do best: word sprinting.

To kick off Camp NaNo right this year, we’ll be hosting sprints on our Twitter account throughout the first day of Camp NaNo (April 1st)!

Here are the times we’ll be sprinting (we hope to add more times, but these are for sure our set sprinting times as of now):

2pm-4pm BST // 9am – 11am EDT // 6am – 8am PDT

5pm – 8pm BST // 12pm (noon)  – 3pm EDT // 9am – 12pm (noon) PDT

8pm – 11pm BST // 3pm – 6pm EDT // 12pm (noon) – 3pm PDT

12am (midnight) – 1am BST // 7pm – 8pm EDT // 4pm – 5pm PDT

1am – 2am BST // 8pm – 9pm EDT // 5pm – 6pm PDT

3am – 4am BST // 10pm-11pm EDT // 7pm – 8pm PDT

 4am – 6am BST // 11pm – 1am EDT // 8pm – 10pm PDT

We’ll be using the #SprintParty hashtag, so watch out for it!

Aside from the first day of Camp NaNo, we’ll also be hosting sprints throughout the entire month of April, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter!

Check back here for updates on our kick-off sprints!


Are you ready for Camp NaNo? What’s your word goal? What are you working on for April? Let us know in the comments below!


And here’s your Story Shuffle prompt for today!

Character: The ghost of a ghost-hunter
Setting: The Taj Mahal
Year/Era: Right after the first alien invasion
Item of interest: A mysterious parcel


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