Writing Resolutions for the New Year

Writing resolutions for the New Year: What goals have you set yourself?Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Whether or not 2013 was good to you in respect to your writing, I want to propose a challenge: let’s make some writing resolutions for the coming year.

Right now, 2014 is a complete unknown. It’s the future – it’s blank, just waiting for us to live out our next year of adventure. So, like any other resolution, this is a great time to set some goals for your writing. If you’re passionate about writing and want to see growth or more productivity from yourself, the New Year is the perfect place to start.

What Kinds of Goals to Set
So what kind of goals are we talking here? Well…anything! You can resolve to make writing a habit or lifestyle by setting a minimum word count or writing time (if you want to write every day, I highly recommend starting with Faye’s Write Chain Challenge or 750words.com). Or you can aim for something bigger – like finishing your novel by July or by the end of the year.

For some examples of writing resolutions for 2014, the Sprint Shack team has decided to share our goals with you.

Taylor’s Writing Resolutions:
– Write and edit at least 3 pieces of flash fiction each week
– Complete (write and edit) and self-publish at least 3 different projects in 2014
– Continue to write 900 words every day

Faye’s Writing Resolutions:
– At a daily level: complete my Write Chain target
– At a monthly level: complete at least 2 lessons in Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel course
– At a yearly level: revise my novel, Her Clockwork Heart, and send to beta readers; complete first drafts of novellas 1-4 in the Song of Silence series

Cristina’s Writing Resolutions:
– Get at least one work of fiction published (whether in a print or online publication)
– Finish the first draft of Fleeting, finally
– Revise Underground and send to beta readers

These are just our personal resolutions for writing. You can set whatever kinds of goals you want for yourself. Whatever you want to accomplish this year in writing, make it a goal. Resolve to make it a reality in 2014.

How to Stick to Your Resolution
Okay, so I know most people make resolutions for the new year knowing that they’re going to break them after a week or month. But that’s not the case for us, right?! We’re going to conquer these writing goals (and then some)! But how to go about sticking to your resolution? I’ve found that, at least for me, the best way to achieve your writing goals is to introduce a degree of accountability. Something like a public declaration of your goal (Faye’s Write Chain Challenge) or a personal place to track your daily progress (750words.com).

Also, I’m highly in favor of a good #WritingWager. Find another writer friend and make a wager with them that adds some stakes to your writing goal. If one of you fails to reach or maintain your goal, think of an embarrassing or undesirable consequence. I currently have a #WritingWager with my friend that says that if I don’t continue to post weekly short fiction to my website, I have to give up all caffeine for a month. I already know I won’t let that happen. For the competitive types, this is a great way to motivate yourself to write on the days you feeling like doing anything but.

Also, we’ll aim to keep you all motivated with more word sprints throughout 2014. Plus, we’re currently working on some other goodies for your motivation and inspiration that will be available in the very near future! So stay tuned!

Set Your Goals – NOW!
So what are you waiting for? Take a moment right now to think about what you want to accomplish with your writing in 2014. And then state your resolutions now in the comments below!


From all of us at Sprint Shack, we wish you a very happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Writing Resolutions for the New Year

    • That’s such a great approach! I wish I could stick to that…my mind just runs wild with too many different ideas. But maybe if I could stick to one at a time, they’d get done faster :)

  1. Good advice, Taylor! What better thing for a writer to make a New Year’s Resolution about than writing? Sticking to your resolutions is a lot easier as well if you make them concrete (e.g. ‘I will write 5000 words a week’ rather than ‘I will write more’) and break them down into steps (e.g. weekly or monthly subgoals). Accountability, as you said, is another key motivator that I’m going to be taking full advantage of next year!

    Have a happy New Year, everyone! May it be full of many, many words!

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