Writing During the Holidays

Ah, the holidays. The weather is cooler, the Christmas lights are up, family comes together, great food is had, gifts are given and received. It’s the perfect time of the yea- wait a second! There’s something missing from that list. Writing!

With the holidays looming, it’s all too easy to let your writing habits fall by the wayside. Preparing Christmas dinner? Planning the New Year’s Eve party? Eying that carton of eggnog? My goodness, there’s so much to do. No time to write!

This mentality is so easy to slip into. But in the words of Admiral Ackbar: It’s a trap!

Please, please, please do not fall into this trap!

I understand how trying it can be to write when you’re exhausted from all the holiday hubbub. Seriously – I’m right there with you (and I think I’m still recovering from NaNoWriMo to boot…). But if there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that writing regularly is necessary to good writing (if you haven’t seen my guest post on the subject over at Faye’s blog, Writerology, have a look).

I’m not saying you need to write all day, or that you even need to write EVERY day this coming week. But exercising the creative muscle – even if just for a few minutes – is really important. I also think that writing during the holiday season can breathe new life into your work. Think about it – there’s the magical feeling in the air, the goodwill we show each other that is (sadly) often lacking throughout the rest of the year, there are warm drinks and fireplaces and twinkling lights. And there’s also the stress and the holiday traffic and the miserable weather. Whichever way the holidays affect you, harness the energy of the season and let it inspire your writing.

Oh, and if you’re traveling sans laptop this holiday season, don’t even think of using that as an excuse. Do your writing the old fashioned way – with pen and paper (or on a typewriter, but why you would travel with a typewriter is beyond me). I routinely write longhand in order to break from the routine that comes from staring at a blank Scrivener screen and can attest to the good it does for one’s creativity.

So this holiday season, I urge you to keep writing. I’m not saying you’re going to be able to wrestle any time away from your children or in-laws or parents. And I’m not promising it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever written (no judgements – sometimes stress does funny things to our writing). But it’ll be good for you – it’ll keep your writing strong and your creativity buzzing. That way, when you go back to your normal writing routine in the new year, your writing will be as strong as ever!


To help you along with your writing journey for the next week, we’ll be hosting word sprints on Twitter. Join in and keep writing!

And from all of us at Sprint Shack, we wish you a very happy holiday season! :)


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