Making a NaNoWriMo Come Back of Epic Proportions

Hello all you lovely WriMo’s and Sprinters! We’re in the last couple days of November and while many participants have already crossed over the 50k finish line for NaNoWriMo, some still haven’t finished yet! Many of you may be just a few thousand words from the goal – in which case, why are you still reading?! Get back to writing! But for some, that 50,000 words seems unattainable at this point. Perhaps you’ve fallen behind due to work, a poorly timed cold, or Thanksgiving preparations. Or maybe all the pre-Hanukkah excitement has left you with less time to write (seriously – it starts in November this year!). The reasons for falling behind are numerous – and also entirely unimportant. What we need to focus on now is how to get yourself over that 50k word count by November 30 and into the NaNoWriMo 2013 winners circle.

I won’t lie to you and say it will be easy – or that there’s some secret to pulling out a last minute come back. It’ll be difficult. It might mean less sleep – or less Netflix. Whatever the case, sacrifices will most likely have to be made. But I have a few things to help you focus and activities that will offer you opportunities to get those words down!

Word Sprints
What better way to focus and get all those words out than with a word sprint? Here are some upcoming sprinting events to help you catch up:

@VirtualWriter’s Wordscrim Wednesday
Wednesday, Nov. 27
GMT: 12 noon – 12 midnight
EST: 7am – 7pm
PST: 4am – 4pm

@FriNightWrites Write Club
Friday, Nov. 29
GMT: 7pm – 7am
EST: 2pm – 2am
PST: 11am – 11pm

@TheSprintShack Sprint to the Finish Line Party
Saturday, Nov. 30
GMT: 12 noon – 12 midnight
EST: 7am – 7pm
PST: 4am – 4pm

Need help getting (or staying) on track? Check out some of these Sprint Shack articles:

How to Stay Motivated During NaNoWriMo
Tips on How to Finish Strong
Keeping Up Your Pace

Looking for some new playlists to help inspire your writing? Check out 8tracks – free user-created playlists (searchable by tags like “NaNoWriMo” or “writing”)
How about some ambiance? Try Rainy Cafe for the soothing sound of rain or coffee house chatter.

Now before you scurry off to get back to writing (because this post definitely reinvigorated your desire to win, right?) let me leave you with one caffeine-infused reminder: at this point, do not worry about editing or quality. Worry about getting your words down and reaching your 50k. Leave the editing and doubt for December. Write on WriMo’s – I’ll see you at the finish line on Nov. 30, a bottle of champagne in hand.

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