UPDATE: Sprint Watch! Virtual Writers, Inc. and #Wordscrim Wednesday

UPDATE: Yesterday we announced that Virtual Writers, Inc. will be kicking off a 12 hour long round of word sprints. We heard back from them and are thrilled that these 12 hour writing marathons will actually be happening throughout the entire month of November!!

The sprinting will start on Wednesday, October 30th and then continue to take place each Wednesday throughout the month of November. This is perfect for NaNoWriMo. Plenty of opportunities to jump in for sprints and meet your word quotas.

As though we weren’t already excited for NaNo, now we have all these sprints to look forward to!

Here’s the sprinting schedule for the different time zones:

GMT: 12noon – 12midnight
EST: 7am – 7pm
PST: 4am – 4pm

Oh, and make sure to tag your word counts with the #wordscrim hashtag (short for “word scrimmage”) on Twitter so that Virtual Writers, Inc. can see how many words we all rack up!

Keep your eye on Sprint Shack and our Twitter account for more information about the event as time draws closer. We’ll even be hosting some of the sprints for the event over at @TheSprintShack.

In the meantime, check out Virtual Writers, Inc.’s blog post about the event and follow them on Twitter.

We can’t wait to see you all sprinting with us!

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sprint Watch! Virtual Writers, Inc. and #Wordscrim Wednesday

    • It’s perfect for NaNoWriMo! I have a feeling Wednesday is going to be my official word count catch-up day — and the thing that will push me across that 50k finish line at the end of the month!

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