Can We Do the Honors?

You’re at the starting line. You’ve got a bottle of water in hand, your best gear, and a clear sight of your goal. Your finger hovers over your stopwatch, ready to go at the :00 mark. Then the clock strikes, a gun goes off somewhere in your mind, and you sprint for the finish line. Your teammates flank your sides and your competitors disappear behind you.

About halfway through, you grow tired. You slow down. Then there’s a roar from your right, and with renewed vigor, you press forward and sweep away your previous record.

We’re Sprint Shack, and we’re that crowd cheering you on in the stands.

No clue what we’re talking about? Here’s a hint—it’s nothing to do with high school track. Here, it’s all about writing. Writing as fast as you can for a predetermined period of time and reporting on your progress at the end. It’s fun, it’s competitive: it’s Word Sprinting!

After weeks of joining the growing word sprinting movement on Twitter, we three writers and sprinting regulars decided it was time to get the word out about this awesome and productive practice. We could go on forever about the many things that make sprinting a priceless instrument in your writer’s toolbox—like meeting other writers and taking the inherent loneliness out of writing—but we’d be here all day, and the last thing we’re here to do is distract you. There are words to write!

So, welcome, and thank you for joining us! Before we continue to introduce the sprintastic goodies we have lined up for you, allow us to introduce ourselves…

cristinaCristina R. Guarino

Cristina R. Guarino

I’m a writer of many capacities—Copy Editor, blogger, journalist, novelist. Like many of us, I hope to someday see my books on shelves (most likely in a painful attempt at something of George R. R Martin’s caliber. Hey, imitation and flattery and all that).

I currently write for the e-magazine Paper Droids and my full-time employer’s blog, and am an occasional contributor to a local newspaper and Inked Magazine. My work-in-progress Fantasy novel, Fleeting, is currently the source of much frustration and many tweets. I participate in sprints in my off-time to put a dent in it.

Oh, and I’m also a co-founder of a pretty awesome word sprint blog. ;)

Taylor Eaton

Taylor Eaton

As a writer and a linguist, I am constantly fascinated by language. I enjoy all kinds of writing – particularly anything that allows me to be creative. I write flash fiction across many genres and styles, and am also working on a novel (amongst various other projects). My flash fiction and publication credits can be found on my website, Little Write Lies. I can often be found tweeting about writing and wine, as well as hosting word sprints, on my Twitter account.

Since becoming involved in the word sprinting community, I’ve found that my word counts have skyrocketed and my writing has evolved. I love connecting with other writers via the sprinting community and am thrilled to be a co-founder of Sprint Shack.

Skye Fairwin

Faye Kirwin

I discovered the first of my imagination’s fanciful worlds six years ago and I’ve been charting the lands and chronicling the lives of their inhabitants ever since. My love of digging through characters’ heads led to a love of Psychology, so studying it at university was a natural choice. Now I blog about all things psychological and how we can make use of them in our writing.

When I’m not lost within my daydreams, I tweet about my steampunk work-in-progress, Her Clockwork Heart, arrange writing sprints, and host the Write Chain Challenge. For me, nothing beats connecting with other writers, letting my muse off its leash and chasing down those words. Being a co-founder of Sprint Shack means that I can do all that and help others to as well. How amazing is that?


It’s wonderful to meet you. Please introduce yourselves in the comments below! Then, to start, be sure to follow us on Twitter and check back on a weekly basis.

Some of the things you can expect to find here at your sprinting rest stop are:

Sound good? We think so! Stay tuned for more or subscribe to the Sprint Shack in the sidebar!

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